SNIPER EDITION: This package contains the BOXED PC COLLECTORS EDITION, plus proudly display your status as a Dinosaur Hunter with an exclusive T-SHIRT and BASEBALL CAP and upgraded SNIPER RIFLE with custom textures (this texture is exclusive to people who purchase this package only. The weapon upgrade is available to everyone in the game)and more!

"Sniper Edition"

  • Amount: $100.00 USD
    Estimated Delivery: 14 days

    The package includes:

    - Boxed copy of the game (DRM free DVD).
    - DRM free DIGITAL COPY OF THE GAME on PC, or a code to download
    the full game on Steam.
    - Printed map of islands.
    - Dino Chart Poster.
    - Plastic Dino Figurine.
    - Old School printed game manual.
    - Exclusive Carnivores T-Shirt
    - Exclusive Carnivores Baseball Hat
    - Upgraded Sniper Rifle with texture
    - Upgraded rifle with custom texture.
    - Upgraded crossbow with custom texture.

    Estimated Delivery: 14 days
    Shipping Details: $20.00 shipping outside the US.

    Game Technical Requirements: Technical requirements: System RAM: 8GB, 2.3 Intell CPU Speed: 2.3 Ghz to 2.69 Ghz. AMD CPU Speed: 3.0 Ghz to 3.29 Ghz. Physical CPU: 2 cpus. Video Card Description: Intel HD Graphics 4000.

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