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Never before seen screenshots of Mutant Football League 2 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Season's Beatings to all the MFL Fanatics Community from the whole Mutant Football League team.

The year started strong with the release of the Snuffalo Thrills, followed by a vaccine (we didn't make that) that allowed things to start getting back to normal. Then Digital Dreams Entertainment released a totally revamped Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt. The dev team has also been working hard on MFL2, and has it up and running on PS5. It is looking sweet! So, to end the year strong we have the first ever screenshots of Mutant Football League 2 for new gen consoles!

Whether you are new to MFL or have been playing for the last four years, we want to thank you for your support! Here's to new Mutant Football in 2022! Stay safe. Wear a mask. Cheers!

s we mentioned above, the dev team has an early pre-alpha build of MFL2 up and running on PS5, and it’s looking sweet. So, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER… Here are some never before seen screenshots of Mutant Football League 2 for new gen systems, with commentary by lead designer Michael Mendheim! CHECK OUT ALL 11 FIRST-LOOK SCREENSHOTS OF MFL2 HERE!

The team at Digital Dreams has big plans for developing different Mutant Sports games after we deliver MFL2, starting with Mutant Hockey League. We have some tough decisions that need to be made and we need your help. What our community wants will weigh strongly on our decisions. Please take our short survey to help guide the Mutant Leagues on the best possible path for success in the future. Take our latest survey to help shape the design of MFL2!

We have unwrapped some big MFL2 presents from under the tree, but until it releases, we still have Mutant Football League to enjoy, so here's another gift you get to open: we will be updating MFL rosters and team ratings just in time for the playoffs!

You still want more?! Well, you have been good, so there's one more little stocking stuffer sitting over there on the mantle... It's the 2021 holiday trading card character! Check it out below:

Cover your sugar plums,

because The Nutsacker is coming to sack your QB

and pirouette all over your roasted chestnuts.


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