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MFL Fanatics Club FIRST LOOK

Hi Everyone,

We’re not going to say Mutant Football League 2 development has been going smoothly and everything is great, because it hasn’t been. Our team has been split up since the war. We have team members still in Ukraine and other team members everywhere from Sweden to Spain. The people in Kyiv must endure constant missile strikes and power outages. When there is no power there is no heat, so it gets cold and It’s hard to code when you’re freezing and can hear explosions outside your window. Yet, these dedicated guys continue to work on and persevere.

One of the features we have been working on is character customization. We have redesigned our entire character model system to allow for this. Not only will players have different hair and skin tones, but they will also have different armor sets. Here is a preliminary example of how a character could progress in Dynasty:

MFL2 preliminary character progression example

Customizing players so they look different on the field is becoming a very BIG feature for MFL2. Players can also wear earrings, glasses, hats, and have tattoos on their arms and face. When we release MFL2 it will have modest customization assets, but over time we will be creating a wide variety of items to customize your players.

Everyone at Digital Dreams is very excited about this feature. We think it has huge potential in the long run and it just makes the game more fun to play.

Here are some screenshots of characters:

MFL2 screenshot of Ratspew Splattered on the Los Scandalous Damned

MFL2 screenshot of Hatrick MyHomies performing some of his skele-magic

MFL2 screenshot of Hoodwinka Glitzpatrick on the Blitzburg Steelheads

There is so much we wish we could share with all of you, but we need to wait until we get a little bit closer to our release date, which right now is targeting late summer next year. Of course, this is all going to depend on how the war is going, and right now it’s not going well with these constant attacks on civilian areas. Please keep our team in your prayers. #SupportUkraine

There is one more little tidbit we can share though, and only because it’s the holiday season and all... Dynasty Mode in MFL2 is going to be called Dynasty Supreme! (working title which we will change if you all hate it)

One of the most dramatic changes to Dynasty Mode is the overhaul of the entire league structure. Instead of 1 league, we will use a 2-league system consisting of Pro and Minor leagues. Users start in the Minor League (easier league) and advance to the pro-league (harder league).

  • The Minor League – Weaker, less successful teams (a mix of fantasy MFL teams, like the Orcs of Hazzard, etc.) and REDACTED (too early to share this information).

  • 16 teams are in the Minor League.

  • REDACTED (too early to share this information).

  • The Minor League has a 13-game season and a 3-round playoff bracket.

  • The 4 minor league teams who play in the Conference round of the playoffs will be promoted up to the Pro League the following season.

  • The Pro League – Best, most successful teams (default NFL Parody Teams).

  • 32 teams are in the Pro League.

  • REDACTED (too early to share this information).

  • The Pro League has a 17-game season with a bye week (18 total weeks) and a 4-round playoff bracket.

  • The 4 Pro League teams with the worst record in their conference (2 each), will be relegated down to the Minor League the following season.

  • The Mayhem Bowl is the championship game and is the biggest and most anticipated sporting event in the Galaxy!

This change should make Dynasty a bit easier when you start playing and ramp up much slower over several seasons. There were several issues with the previous Dynasty in MFL1 that you all told us about and this is one new feature (out of many) that should improve Dynasty and make it more fun and challenging over multiple seasons.

Lastly, a few more screenshots of the product:

A Karcass City Creeps player is getting after it so he doesn't have to play in the Minor League.

Lost Wages Invaders at the Karcass City Creeps

A Lost Wages Invaders player is blown away by the Dynasty Supreme news!

Hope you like what you've seen, and there will be more to come. The development team is doing what they can to keep pushing the game forward no matter what's trying to drag them down. #SupportUkraine and persever in the New Year!

Never Let Them Drag You Down!



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