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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt Launches June 1

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is delighted to announce its upcoming launch in time for International Dinosaur Day, June 1.

The game’s first-person hunting simulator enables players to hunt the largest and most dangerous creatures to ever exist – DINOSAURS.


Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt transports gamers to a prehistoric planet where they will experience an out of this world hunting experience, as they track down and stalk dinosaurs up to 40 feet in length! To survive hunters will need to be familiar with their prey’s temperament and mannerisms to avoid being hunted themselves.

Key Features

  • The Ultimate Hunt: Carnivores is an authentic hunting simulation where you track and stalk dinosaurs including the horned Triceratops, the cunning Ceratosaurus and the planet’s alpha predator, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, to name just a few.

  • Realistic AI : Dinosaurs react to sight, sound, and smell – with differing reactions and characteristics.

  • Exploration: On your hunting adventure, you’ll visit beautiful but dangerous prehistoric environments, each with their own unique Ecosystems. Explore the pristine beaches, dense jungles, rocky plains, and deserts of planet FMM UV-32.

  • Weapons: A diverse range of hunting weapons and equipment including high caliber rifle, sniper rifle, crossbow, camouflage, cover scent and a Mobile Interstellar Satellite Transponder.

  • Trophy Room: Interactive trophy room to display all your hunting trophies and Leaderboards showing the top hunters, including most money earned, high scores and max distance shots for every type of dinosaur.

Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC could not be more excited to bring the Carnivores experience to console systems. Fans will finally be able to hunt their favorite dinosaurs on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One.” - Artem Kuryavchenko – Technical Lead.

Availability and Details

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is a shooter, teen classified game. It will be available at Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One for $14.99.

Developed by Digital Dreams Entertainment Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is a remaster of the classic dinosaur hunting video game, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, delivered with a new game engine, improved graphics, advanced dinosaur behaviors, and seamless player progression.



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